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A Canoe To You is a, paddle sport Rental Company, based out of the Matawan-Aberdeen, NJ. As a mobile operation, we offer rentals, deliveries, pickups and take-a-ways of all watercrafts.

Adventures and Site Seeing on the Water
While paddling up Matawan Creek, Raritan Bay or Morgan Creek, you can experience water birds, schools of fish breaking the surface of the waters, turtles and more.

Monmouth County is one of the premier birding locations on the East Coast. An estimated 360 species of birds have been recorded here. At least 40 bird species are considered year-round residents, including New Jersey’s state bird, the American Goldfinch. In the spring, many migrant birds stop on their way to northern breeding grounds for the summer. In the fall, birds stop here with their young en route to southern wintering areas. The Adult Osprey arrives in late March. Right around mid-late July, New Jersey residents are not surprised to see young ospreys learning how to fly and master their hunting skills.

During your adventure you are most likely to see The Eastern Painted Turtle, with its black shell edged in red and yellow. Smaller than 10 inches, the painted turtles are often seen resting on logs in ponds and lakes. A glint of the sun off of its polished-looking shell often gives its presence away. The larger but similar looking Red-bellied Turtle is also frequently sighted in our waterways, especially in larger and deeper lakes.

The famous Snapping Turtle is another common pond inhabitant. Its shell can grow to 18 1/2 inches and the turtle can weigh up to 35 pounds, making it the largest local turtle. Triangular points at the back end of its shell and extremely long “dragon-like” tail make it easy to identify. Other local water turtles – the Bog, Spotted, Musk, and Eastern Mud are much more secretive, and you are less likely to see them.

Explore the Bayshore
Explore the history and beautiful Bayshore area landscape when you rent one of our water crafts. Travel up Matawan Creek on a 90 minutes round trip. Morgan Creek takes about four hours round trip, so take a break on the beach in Lawrence Harbor have a picnic, relax and take a swim. Or if you prefer just cruise the bay and enjoy the scenery.

Fishing and Crabbing
There is nothing like landing a nice fish on a kayak in the beautiful Raritan Bay. Maybe a Striped Bass, Fluke, Flounder, Bluefish or countless other fish. The bay is loaded with action this time of year so why not give it a try! And if you’re lucky, you just might see a whale feeding on a school of fish!!!

In August it’s time for crabbing, whether you’re pulling up cages, stringing lines or just scooping them off the pilings a canoe is a great way to enjoy a day of crabbing.

Organizations, Schools, Clubs and Groups
A CANOE TO YOU offers discounted rates for organizations, schools, clubs and groups. (Available for groups of 4 or more.)